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Thread: Just picked up a new ATV3 and love it

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    Just picked up a new ATV3 and love it
    I think Apple did a great job on this, the 1080p movie rentals and tv shows off iTunes really do look good on my 65".

    Am I right in thinking that the ATV3 does not change PQ on the fly like say Netflix or Vudu, depending on your speed? Reason I ask is I only have a 6mbps DSL connection, so my intent for full length movies is to rent one in 1080p HD, start and then pause the movie, then come back to it after an hour and the buffer should be well ahead of any worry of mine for catching up.

    I also like the netflix app, nice to see another device getting 5.1 on Netflix watch now. Only thing Id like to see is Amazon Prime.


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    I have the ATV2 . . . may go for the 3rd gen ATV at Christmas.

    Amazon Prime would be a nice addition, though my Blu-ray player streams it so not a total miss.
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    None of what the ATV currently streams via apps will matter come Mountain Lion, so don't despair!


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