The period of time varies from 5 minutes upwards, but it seldom plays through the night

I have ensured the channels on surrounding routers are not in conflict

I setup my imac to access the same wireless router and selected the same radio station
- the apple TV stopped playing after 10 minutes
- the iMac worked fine and never disconnected from the radio station

Signal Strength on the ATV is 4 bars out of 5

One other problem I experienced was when I set the router to channel 3 - the ATV would not connect to the router at all.

The Router is a Trendnet TEW-652BRP b/g/n
- I had it set to b/g/n
- it is now set to N only
- it has made no difference to the rate of disconnects

UPDATE: managed to get the radio to run overnight without disconnecting, but not my "FAVOURITES" List has disappeared

Can anyone throw any light on exactly where the favourites are stored?

Many Thanks