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    Apple TV sees my itunes library, then disconnects
    hoping someone can help me. I have a ATV2, connected via ethernet to a access point which then wirelessly connects to my router. The router is connected to the modem via ethernet.

    My ATV2 usually cannot see my itunes library on my imac, unless I disconnect the ethernet on the ATV then reconnect. This usually helps to see it on the network, and it works for about five minutes when suddenly it 'loses' the signal. I have reset my router, modem, the ATV2, my computer, and still nothing seems to work.
    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Biggest question is why even use Ethernet to connect to the access point that then connects to the router wirelessly? You are gaining nothing. Connect the ATV2 wirelessly to the router, removing the access point. That access point is redundant and probably the cause of your woes.

    What are the brands and models of the equipment involved?
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    Good point. I currently have a D-Link DIR-655 router upstairs, connected to my modem. My iMAC is on the second floor too, and the access point is downstairs. The ATV2 is also downstairs.
    I have it because the modem is not wireless and I have several other components connected to the access point downstairs to connect to my network. I have the D-Link DAP-1522 for my access point.
    The thing is I thought going ethernet to the access point would give me better signal strength overall. Maybe I was wrong on that thinking.
    I can get online with the ATV2, seeing Netflix, youtube, etc. So it is connecting to the internet, but it won't see my itunes for more than five or ten minutes.

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    In my experience, a 100% working solution would be to shell out for an airport express, or an Airport Extreme Base Station (a used, previous gen, base station will suffice). If you don't wish to continue the hassle of plugging in the wires, resetting iTunes and the ATV all the time, that is what I recommend.

    Simply create a wireless network on the Base Station or Airport Express (it doesn't have to be connected to the internet, mine isn't) and then connect both the ATV and your Macbook to it. It works flawlessly, and you don't have to tinker with the network settings.

    Reason for preferring Base Station - if you attach an external hard drive to the Base Station, just move all of your media files onto it, or any other files you feel take up too much space on your computer, and tell iTunes to read from that Library. I'll post an update on the method but as my setup has the Base Station disconnected from the internet, I'm attempting to connect my computer to both the base station and my other Belkin wireless router.

    The only thing you may be giving up is Netflix, but as their service has been on a steady decline, I don't see it as much of a loss; but if you need it, simply go back to the settings in the ATV and change the network to the Router connected to the internet, and you can browse Netflix. And with the new version of OSX set to release in the coming months, you will be able to Mirror your Macbook to the TV, wirelessly, without 3rd party software.

    Also, I had a similar issue, I could connect to the internet, but my iTunes Sharing was garbage, dropping constantly, I was so frustrated until I used the methods outlined above. It's your router, I tried many posted solutions on how to edit your router settings, but none of them were fully successful and required more work than needed. So then I tried this on a hunch, and bam, instant HomeSharing Availability, it's been a month, never a single problem like before. The only thing that might stop you is the price between 79.99-99.99 for the Express or 129.99-179.99 for the Extreme Base Station (for Hard Drive Sharing Purposes), depending on whether you want a used or new product.

    Just my two cents, Best of Luck brother.

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    Some interesting points and a setup that works for you but I would throw in that using an airport extreme, time capsule or express is not silver bullet.

    I've debugged wireless setups with and with apple airport products. While they are of good quality they don't guarantee a working system in this instance.

    It's clearly up to the OP but the first step, I'd suggest is to connect the ATV wirelessly direct to the router rather than via the access point. Connect the iMac to the router by Ethernet if possible. Then use a tool like iStumbler to check surround wireless networks and channels and change the wireless channel on the router to be the furthest away from any nearby channel as possible.

    Another thing to note is that removing Internet access stops iTunes rentals, movie trailers, iTunes match and more. Not just Netflix.
    And one last thing, the dir655 has a USB interface to which a disk can be attached

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    I appreciate all of the responses here. I will tinker around and see if I can find a solution and will post my findings. I will try your advice mrplow since that seems the be the easiest and most cost efficent method. I really need to learn more about routers, networking etc. I live in a area with many different networks close by, so iStumbler seems to be a great solution to finding the best signal.

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    Does anyone know if Apple has resolved this issue? I read that the latest software update for itunes has messed up the ATV and itunes connection. I have tried everything, and I still cannot get my ATV to show my library for more than five minutes. Again, the internet works (netflix, youtube, etc) on ATV, but it cannot see my library. It appears for five minutes, then loses connection and I have to restart everything. It's very frustrating. The apple boards are no real help and my ATV is the second generation so my year of support is over. I don't feel I should pay for support when I never had a problem until the latest upgrade.

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    I had most success when I swopped out my old single band 'G' wireless combined modem and router for a dual band one. I chose to connect my iMac to the 5Ghz band and everything else defaults to the 2.4Ghz. Modern routers also automatically shift channels when they see conflict with other devices in the area.

    Your router doesn't appear to be dual band but your access point does have the option to manually choose the frequency as per the below extract from D-Link's website:

    The DAP-1522 has selectable 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands. 5GHz is ideal for wirelessly streaming multiple HD videos across your network. It helps avoid interference by providing a clearer wireless band for HD signals than existing 2.4GHz products."

    I would try altering the band but an equipment upgrade would be of benefit I think.

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