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    Apple TV keeps pausing during netflix play. why?
    Apple TV keeps pausing during netflix play. why?
    My xbox 360 never runs into this issue when running wireless, but my apple TV does consistently. I replaced my old B router with a b,g,n router that is amazingly fast. I hard wired the Apple TV as well but encounter the same results.
    this is annoying! any help would be appreciated

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    Is your AppleTV software up to date?

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    Also, I'm wondering if operating via wireless or network cable would make a difference. I found my ATV didn't work great via wireless. Using a cable now and don't have any issues.

    Then also what mrplow said - check if you are up to date.

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    Could be throttling from your ISP .

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    Is your router dual band? I would double check if your Apple TV is connecting to your 5ghz network and see if using the regular client improves performance. My Apple TV is on my second floor with my Time Capsule in the basement. I was experiencing severe lag also until I changed my wireless settings...5ghz networks just don't have the range 2.4ghz networks have.

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