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    iTunes library to atv2 while Mac off?
    Hello All,
    I am hoping there is a way for me to watch my iTunes movies and tv shows while my Mac is off. I figure this will take some additional equipment but don't know where to start. All replies and suggestions are greatly apprieated.


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    I think you''ll have to jailbreak you ATV 2 to do it.

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    You can always go back to ATV1 with a 320gig hard drive that will work..

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    yes, you would need additional hardware. you'd need a NAS (look at Drobo). And you'd need to jailbreak and use Plex.

    At that point you wouldn't even technically be using the mac except to load whatever files you wanted the ATV to play onto the NAS.

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    If the content was bought through iTunes then, sorry to disagree with the others but there's no way around having you're Mac on to run the library.

    Even jailbreaking won't allow you to play drm content.

    If, however it's content you've added yourself then you can jailbreak, put the content on a NAS drive (no need to go to the expense of something high end like drobo $150 will get you a 1-2tb drive) then I'd recommend XBMC over plex.

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