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    Feb 03, 2012
    Cool Apple TV Newbee
    Hi Guys! I have been doing satellite tv testings for years but I'm new with Apple TV. I'm interested on buying one for the purpose of jailbreaking it. But before getting a brand new unit, I do have some questions.

    1. Is it easy to jailbreak a brand new Apple TV box?
    2. What's the quality of video / audio?
    3. What's the internet minimum download speed to run an Apple tv?
    4. Once the box is jailbroken, could it be reverted back to the original software?
    5. Would it be worthy to buy this box just for the purpose of jailbreaking it?

    Any other feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Sep 10, 2011
    Hello Miles123,

    I'll give it a go because your post looks lonely.

    1. Apparently so with the correct tools/micro USB stick and software but I've never done it

    2. Video is 720 and the audio is Dolby Digital 5.1 if you want it. Mine's just hooked up with HDMI but there is an Optical option but that's your lot.

    3. No idea and I've not looked.

    4. I understand that this can be done but don't quote me.

    5. For 99 GPB or $99 USD it's your call .

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    @ Pendlewitch

    Thank you for the info. Much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miles123 View Post
    @ Pendlewitch

    Thank you for the info. Much appreciated.
    Yo mate. At least wait until it's out of warranty

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