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    need help with appleTV and devon hook up with whole house audio
    Hi gang,

    I just purchased appleTV and was disappointed when the only connection is HDMI (no RCA cables). I have a real nice devon receiver but it is about 3 years old and doesn't connect to the wifi. When I connected HDMI it worked fine in my "home Theater" but then i want to use zone 2 from the Denon so I can send the music from iTunes anywhere in the house. the problem is that zone two out put is RCA to my whole house audio amp. Since HDMI is coming into the receiver it will not out put stereo to the amp. has anyone else had this problem and if so, was there a cure? Obivously I could connect my iPad/iphone directly to the whole house audio amp via ear phone jack. But that defeats the whole purpose of using remote on my iPhone to control AppleTV.

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    Actually the ATV2 also has an optical audio output. Are you unable to use that for your music output? You should be able to connect both HDMI and optical audio. When you want to play music to Zone 2, you should just switch from the HDMI input to the one for the optical audio.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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    My Denon AVR 1911 has 2 Zones, and the inputs limit you to analog rather than digital in certain configurations.
    It took a call to Denon to configure and isn't the best system for multiple inputs and use, but I think you can make it work with some guidance from Denon if you're lucky.
    Their manuals are weak.......

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    My 1910 is the model before and you cannot play digital audio signals input from HDMI, Co-Ax or Optical in Zone 2. The output is Analogue stereo Left and Right only.

    I'm assuming that the OP is connected from Zone 2 out R&L at the back of the receiver to the Aux In R&L at the back of the whole house audio amp. The set-up is just a basic extension for listening in another room.

    Below is pretty much the definitive translation and guide as an alternative to the typical Denon manual which is awful I agree. Batpigworld is frequently referenced as a recommended link by audiophiles.


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