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    How to sync existing AppleTV media data to newly installed TimeCapsule?
    My configuration is:
    MacBook [model=4,1 / MacOSX v10.5.8]
    AppleTV [model=A1218]
    TimeCapsule [model=A1409]

    The TimeCapsule is used for Macbook TimeMachine backups AND it also houses my current iTunes Library [where my iTunes Media directories reside] .

    The AppleTV media content is synced with the TimeCapsule -- the "Computers" setting in the AppleTV designates the TC iTL as its link/locked computer .

    Then the amber light went on [and stayed on] for the TimeCapsule and the Airport Utility application reported the TC hard disk was damaged .

    I bought and installed a new TimeCapsule ; Time Machine backups are now reinstated on the new TC .

    How can I reinstate the iTunes Library onto the new TC ? How can I synchronize the existing AppleTV media data [which includes over 20000 songs] down to the new TC ? I can use MacBook iTunes app to create a new empty iTunes Library on the new TC but if I modify the AppleTV setting for "Computers" to "unlink" the old TC then won't I lose everything on the AppleTV ?

    HELP !!!

    Also, how can I be certain that the backup of my MacBook that has now been created on the new TC via Time Machine is a FULL backup of the MacBook's harddrive and not a partial backup ??

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    I take it that all your music is on the Apple TV and currently you have no backup due to the Time Capsule crashing?

    Well… that is a pickle. You are going to need to make a Patchstick to hack some features onto it that will allow you to transfer files off the ATV. The file transfers will be able to be done using SSH. Unfortunately, I have long ago moved on from the ATV1 to an ATV2, and won't be able to walk you through any of this very easily. And if you don't do this quite right, you risk requiring a restore of the ATV's software and losing everything.

    If you are up to it, read the documentation on how to make and apply the Patchstick THOROUGHLY in advance and be sure you understand what to do. Once done, you should be able to use something like Cyberduck to connect to the ATV using SFTP to find and copy your files over. Let's get those files copied and secured before addressing your other questions.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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