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    Apple TV & iTunes Match
    Help! We purchased an Apple TV and one of the things I was looking forward to doing was streaming my iTunes library through my tv/stereo. But when we hooked it up tonight (and home sharing had been turned on in iTunes) the Apple TV told me I need to subscribe to iTunes Match. This is the first I've ever even heard of iTunes Match. So now in order to get my iTunes library onto the Apple TV I have to pay $25 a year? My friend has Apple TV (bought several months ago) and all she had to do was turn on the sharing. Am I missing something or has Apple changed the rules and I really do have to have this paid subscription?

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    Nevermind. Figured it out.

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    that sounds a bit odd to me as i think iTunes match only works in certain parts of the world, USA obviously the first. i would have thought it is a setting issue. i have not come across this and i have recently updated the ATV2

    EDIT: note from another forum: Previously (and still) you can play any music on your Apple TV that is stored on your Mac and being shared. So turn on Home Sharing and Apple TV can stream music from your Mac running iTunes. You don’t need iTunes Match for that. It hasn’t changed, but the new functionality has been added.
    Anything you buy in the iTunes store becomes part of iTunes Match.

    full link below:

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