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    Apple TV 2 won't stay asleep - the light is always on
    I installed the most recent update the other day and now my Apple TV 2 comes back on all by itself and stays on all day. I'll put it to sleep and the light goes out, I'll leave the room and about an hour later it's back on again and stays on. I don't think the unit is actually "on," it's just the light that's always lit up. It's very annoying. I checked to see if it was actually displaying on the screen so I switched my TV to the correct HDMI input and nothing appears until I hit a button on the apple tv remote, so it appears to be working fine as it should but why is the light staying on all the time? Anyone else have this issue since the last update?

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    It should be going out when sleeping. Since this started after a software update, consider resetting it.
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