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    Can you stream TV shows or movies from the internet on your MacBook to your AppleTV
    I watch a lot of TV shows online on my MacBook Pro (via websites like Hulu, Megavideo, Videobb, Videozer, etc) my question is if I had an AppleTV connected to my HD Vizio TV, could I somehow stream that onto there and watch it on my tv instead of on my computer? Any information would help, thanks!

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    Non JB you could use in intermediary like iPhone 4S or iPad 2.

    First you need a remote desktop program like Splashtop or LogMeIn.

    You run that on the iPhone/iPad and start the video so it's showing on that device from your MB

    Then wirelessly mirror it up to your TV via Apple TV.

    If you JB you can run other streamers on your Apple TV like XBMC or Plex. What I would like to do, once they create and untethered JB for 4.4.x, is load XBMC on my Apple TV and get PlayOn on my Desktop. That will allow me to run a lot of streaming content to my TV, including Hulu without the limited paid version, and run movies without converting and loading into iTunes. I believe it may also have a web browser to find content that way, but most is on Hulu anyway.
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    Hey fleurya

    I need some nomenclature help here. Can you tell me what you mean by:

    Non JB

    I get the rest of you post but the shorthand is limiting me. Thanks

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    I'm sure I'll be corrected if I am wrong but I think JB = jailbreak and MB = MacBook. Essentially jail breaking is a software change that allows you to run software that the Apple TV was not originally designed to run.

    I'll have to leave it to others to describe the pros and cons of that.
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