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Thread: Will router upgrade with gigabit improve Apple TV performance?

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    Will router upgrade with gigabit improve Apple TV performance?
    I have recently purchased Apple TV and have it wired to DSL with around a 2.5-3.0mbps download speed with a older D-Link DI-624. It works well with netflix and movies off my imac but movies rentals from itunes takes around 10-15 minutes before playing in standard def. I was thinking of purchasing a newer dual band gigabit router for better wireless performance for the ipad/iphone in house and was curious if it would improve the wired performance as well. I have cat5e wired.


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    It will not give you more than the pipe coming in you would need to bump your service up. However your communication between your devices will be faster on your LAN and if the radios are simultaneous it will not slow the whole network down when a slower device links up.

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