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    Mac TV no connection!!
    Just bought the new Mac TV and tried to plug it in to my TV. Bought a HDMI cable and went to itunes and placed on share. However NOTHING comes up on the screen! I have tried AV but they are taken up with DVD, Game and TV still nothing. what am I doing wrong. I have a brand new Mac Book Pro to work from too. Thanks for your help - it is driving me nuts.

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    have you tried taking all the component cable out and set up again. this time set up Mac TV (is this apple TV?) first. i have heard that connecting your laptop to your TV is normally successful with the HDMI plug 2 on your TV. try this first.

    i am only guessing here mind you. perhaps you may need to wait for the more technical members.

    good luck


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    OK this seems like a simple oversight, as mentioned in the previous post i am guessing that this mac TV is apple tv if so then just make sure that the HDMI lead is in the tv and in apple tv box. secondly ensure that you have the tv source to HDMI & that the internet is connected. Once the apple tv box has set itself up with updates etc go to iTunes and in the bottom right hand corner there should be an apple tv symbol make sure you click that and not the pc symbol. Good luck

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