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    Apple TV volume question
    My first post

    I am looking into purchasing Apple TV and understand it has no output volume control. My question is the following: Is it possible to change the volume by adjusting the volume bar in iTunes using the remote control?

    I appreciate any help in clarifying this matter!

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    The Apple TV has a line out volume the same as a DVD player for example. Volume control will be via the device providing the sound - your TV, surround sound system, etc.
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    The issue is that I'm looking to plug Apple TV straight into my active speakers - and though I can control the input volume on them, they have no remote control.

    I want to establish whether I can change the volume by the Apple TV remote control or not.

    I can't plug Apple TV into my TV as it (stupidly) has no audio output.

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    I can't plug Apple TV into my TV as it (stupidly) has no audio output.
    Apple TV is designed to connect to a TV - via HDMI (this carrys audio and video) and also has optical out for connecting to an amp.

    The audio in both cases is line out as previously posted. It's for the receiving devices to control the amplification/volume.

    If both devices had volume controls you'd be forever balancing the Apple TV and receiving devices volumes depending on the audio level of the source material.

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    Thanks for the response

    I understand why Apple TV has no output volume, but I would still like to know if there is a way to control the playback volume of music using the remote control.

    I have found the below on Wikipedia, amongst other sources: "Apple TV can be controlled by virtually any infrared remote control or paired with the included Apple Remote to prevent interference from other remotes. Either kind of remote can control playback volume, but for music only."

    Is this true or not?

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    Well i have just carried out the basic of basic checks, which is switch on Apple TV and for music and movie, you cannot control the sound from the apple TV remove provided.

    had to use the TV remote.


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    solution: headphone jack of tv
    From what I understand, you have powered speakers and you probably don't want to walk over and fiddle with them to adjust your volume. It does not help to plug the optical output into your speakers since you cannot remotely control the volume of that output.

    My solution was to plug the speakers into the headphone jack of your TV. In this way, the HDMI audio from Apple TV gets amplified by the TV and you can control the TV audio with your TV remote.

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