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    Configuring Apple TV on University Wifi
    I got an apple TV a year or so ago, and it's worked well so far on my network at home. However, I just got to college, and the wifi network is shared by close to 14k students on campus. Each devise so far has had to be registered to my student ID in order for me to connect it to the wifi network. Everything has worked for the most part, except that my iRemote app won't work and, more importantly, I cannot connect my apple tv to my laptop or to the internet directly. Does anybody know how I would approach these issues?

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    There are specific ports the ATV uses. Many organizational networks (hotels, businesses, universities, etc) don't have those ports open and may not open them. Since the ATV could be used for streaming the ATV would in effect hog bandwidth that, as you pointed out, 14,000 people share. If even 1,000 of this 14,000 did that simultaneously, the strain on the network would be quite large (the pipe is only so big, this ain't mommy and daddies house any more), therefore they don't have the ports open.

    Read this post and the appropriate links. You can call the schools IT dept and see what they can do, but I don't expect you are the first person to come thru with an ATV:

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