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    Trouble controlling Apple TV using remote app on my iPod Touch
    When I the Remote app to control the apple TV it doesn't work right. If I try to open a list or press menu, I just get a black screen on my iPod.

    The only thing that did show up was the cover for particular classical music station. And I could change stations, but only the first station I was on would appear in the display.

    It just acting really weird. I just bought my apple TV, so I worried that it may not be working correctly. Or maybe there is a problem with apple remote app, as I've never used it before.

    I did turn on home sharing on my apple TV. Any advice is welcome.


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    Okay, I think I see what is going on. I assumed I could view the menu on my iPod, but it's just a remote and I still have to have the TV on I guess.

    I was hoping I didn't have to have to turn the TV on while using the internet radio. The TV is a projector screen and has a fan.

    Oh well.

    I guess I could stream radio content from my iPod to the apple TV right?

    How is that done?


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    It appears to me that you are on the "Playlists" screen in your Remote app. Down at the bottom of the app, you'll see a row of categories like "Playlists", "Artists", and so on. You'll need to select something else. Obviously under "More", you can access more options, and can even edit from there the categories you see at the bottom by default.

    If your ATV's HDMI cable is running straight to an AVR, then your TV won't need to be on. If it's connected directly to your TV, then I imagine it will need to be on.

    EDIT: and just as a reminder, you will have to have iTunes open on your computer.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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