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Thread: Apple TV and My Book World

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    Apple TV and My Book World
    Hi everyone,

    I am new to the apple world so appreciate any help and guidance.

    Basically I have a macbook pro and also an apple tv 2, my home network has a mybook world connected to my router. If your familiar with the mybook world it has an itunes server built in but it seems to only work for music.

    Is there any way of getting the apple tv to pick up the mybook world that anyone knows of? It would be great if I did not need the macbook on all the time that want to watch something.

    I came across this site, wanting opinions first though...

    How To Share Your iTunes Library With Multiple Macs And An NAS


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    You can only play videos if iTunes is open on the Mac/PC on which you have "Home Sharing" enabled. This is some new alternative to the old iTunes Sharing feature, and there are no 3rd party server solutions yet, if there ever will be. This is one of the few downsides to the ATV2, though I must say that the ATV2 streams videos better than anything else I've run across.

    Note that you can keep your media on separate drive, even on an NAS. iTunes will just stream it from there. But to date, you can't get around needing iTunes to be open and handling this. Maybe one day, someone will at least figure out how to get a server running in the background and eliminate the need to have iTunes open.

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