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Thread: Lock Apple TV to specific wifi basestation

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    Lock Apple TV to specific wifi basestation
    I have an Apple TV 1 and on startup it keeps automatically connecting to someone's unprotected wifi basestation instead of my wifi basestation which has WPA2 and hidden SSID, so every time this idiot has their basestation switched on I have to manually disconnect from it and then retype my SSID and WPA2 password to connect to my basestation, sometimes I am lucky and they don't seem to have it switched on, in which case my ATV automatically connects to my basestation without having to re-enter anything.

    Is there a way to tell my ATV to connect to my wifi basestation only and not to just randomly connect to the first unprotected basestation it can find?

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    Unhide your SSID and see if it helps. There's no reason to hide an SSID, it doesn't actually make it harder to hack you and just makes it more difficult for you to manage your network.

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    Thanks for the links, I'll give it a try.

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