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    Atv 2 Help on JB.
    Sup guys I've tried JB my Atv 2 Using the following Pwntools /Seas0npass / Sn0wbreeze / Greenp0ison and at FW 4.1.1 and 4.2.2 neither one I could JB iTunes keeps telling me it's not for the Built.. I dont know if ya agree of me posting this here so my bad in advance. Just trying to get some directions on Wat to doo.. Thanks 4 ya time.
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    Seas0npass is trash. I jailbroke with Pwngetool, one try no issues. I installed ATV flash black, and ended up restoring my ATV. Couch surfer sucks, XBMC seemed slow and boggy. After all the time I spent trying to use Seas0npass and then finally JB'd with PwnageTool... I was super disappointed with the difference between jailbroken and normal ATV. Jailbrake ure iPhone, leave your ATV alone is my opinion.

    Good luck.

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