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    Apple TV and viewing iTunes U classes
    I have a first generation AppleTV 160GB. I'm working on some courses through iTunes U. A typical course is an ordered sequence like this where each lecture / recitation is a separate video:

    • Lecture 1: Concepts of foo
    • Foo Demo
    • Lecture 2: Theory of Bar
    • Guest lecture by Joe Shmoe
    • Lecture 3: ...

    I have the coursework for several classes downloaded on my MBP. I can easily sync the content to my iPhone and iPad and those devices "know" to which collections the videos belong and the appropriate order for the content based on how it is collected and ordered in iTunes.

    The problem:
    I would like to be able to sync content to Apple TV and have the order retained. The Apple TV seems to discard the order and grouping of the lectures and instead puts everything jumbled together out of order in one big list in sorted alphabetically under MyMovies like this:

    • A Discussion of Finance from 1800 - 1900
    • Demo: C# objects
    • Guest Lecture: Steve Jobs
    • Guest speaker : Joseph Shmoe
    • Lecture 1: Financial Markets
    • Lecture 1: Introduction to iOS
    • Lecture 1: Underwater Basket Weaving
    • Lecture 2: Advanced Underwater Basket Weaving
    • Lecture 2: More Conceptual Discussion
    • Lecture 2: Financing
    • Review Assignment 1
    • Roundtable with Larry, Moe and Curley

    From the format above, it is often difficult to figure out what video is next in the series. What I would like is to list content for each course separately, sorted by its order in iTunes not alphabetically.

    Is there a way to do this?

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    Responding to my own post. For anyone finding this topic, the only solution I found was to change the media type of the class in iTunes from iTunesU to TV Show. Then the lectures show up in sequence on the Apple TV under My TVShows.

    There may be better ways to do this, but in the absence of better suggestions, this seems like a decent workaround.

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    Well, if you wanted to keep them in iTunes U, then you could have gone into the Get Info for the items and into the Sorting tab and filled in the information there. Also, do not ignore the Info tab where it says "Track Number ___ of ___"

    Those all go a good way to keeping things organized. I use the sorting tab a LOT when it comes to movies and shows with sequels that are not named the same (like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy).
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