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    How to sreencast to new Apple TV ?
    I would like to direct the display from my MBP to my TV without using the DVI cable. I would like to use my new Apple TV and wondering if this is possible.

    I've seen a couple posts about screencasting using VLC to old Apple TV systems, but nothing about screencasting to the new Apple TV.

    Is this possible? Anyone figure how to do this?


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    It depends what you want to send to your new Apple TV.
    If you are watching or listening to iTunes content you just touch the Air Play icon and it will send the output to your Apple TV 2.

    If you are wanting to send any screen from your MBP to your Apple TV 2 then you may need to use a cable.


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    Sorry - should have been more specific.

    I know about using AirPlay for iTunes video and such.

    What I want to do is stream whatever I see on the laptop to my TV - the entire desktop view.

    So if I bring up a web page on my laptop that I would like to show on my TV to the rest of the family without having everyone jockeying for position to look at the little 15" screen.

    And since I have the neat Apple TV I would like to stream that video wireless - without the DVI cable.

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