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    Apple tv without wires
    This is a question before i buy ATV. I have a PC ( not a Mac ) hooked up via HDMI to my plasma. This is connected to my router by ethernet. I have an iMac with osx 10.6 in another room linked to the router and the PC wirelessly. I have lots of AVI files on the Mac, which i can play on my plasma via the PC. I would like to know if i buy ATV, can i link this wirelessly to the router and the Mac. If so and i convert the AVI files to mp4 files will i be able to play them on my plasma. Obviously i am not going to pay the cost of the ATV if it wont do the job, nor am i going to lose the files. I have a use for the PC so it will not sit and gather dust. Any comments would be appreciated. I should add that i am far from a techie, i can barely plug something in a socket and my grandchildren taught me how to use that **** DVD recorder.

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    You can setup the AppleTV wirelessly and stream using the home sharing option within iTunes. Your content needs to be in your iTunes library on Mac or PC to be able to stream to the AppleTV.
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    you will have to convert the .avi files to an Itunes compatible format

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