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    Using bandwidth by streaming files from MBP to Apple TV?
    Okay...perhaps one of the dumbest questions in a while, but if I stream files from my MBP (video, audio, photos) to my TV via the Apple TV 2G, this would not be included in my bandwidth usage with my ISP would it?

    I'm pretty sure it wouldn''s just wirelessly streaming from one device to another, isn't it?

    I'm no where near encroaching on any ISP limits, but would hate to test that if I'm wrong and I'm streaming music all weekend!


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    As long as the streaming is on your local network you shouldn't even go near the internet. To test this, just disconnect your router from your modem. Streaming should still take place.

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    It will not impact you bandwidth limit. However, keep in mind that you ATV checks periodically with Apple (your iTunes acct) to make sure it's streaming from an authorized device. I'm not sure if your ATV will work when if you disconnect your router, although it may once a video is playing. I've never tried though.

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