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    Content Not Available -- AppleTV2ndGen
    I just recently got a 2d gen Apple TV. I have several movies which I have ripped with Handbrake and keep on an external hard drive. All of these movies stream fine to my Apple TV 1st Gen., but many will not to the 2d gen Apple TV. When I tray to stream these movies I get an error message that says "content not available" I've tried to discern the differences between those movies that do and do not play and I can't see any commonalities.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice? I'd hate to have to re-rip all of these movies (100+)

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    What type of movies are they and what file type? How long are they on average?
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    prompac are
    They are standard definition movies - many are my childrens' animated movies. They are in .m4v format and average around 1.5 hours and 2GB.

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