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    ATV2 will not restore
    So my brand new ATV2 crashed, it just shut of while streaming with airplay then it would only show the apple logo and do nothing else. So I first try to do a factory reset on it and it could never get to that screen just the apple logo screen. After that I hooked it upto itunes to do a restore and everytime it gets to the final 2 % on the restore it just freezes and never finishes. I tired giving it enough time to finish overnight with sleep mode turned off my PC with no avail. Next I tried downloading older ISPW thinking maybe if I can get an older version to work I could just update it after same problem. Does anyone have and suggestions before I call Apple and figure how much its going to cost for me to send it to them and get a new one. Thanks

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    If it's still within the 90 day initial warranty, it will cost you nothing. They will send you a box with a new one and then the labeling to send the old one back in the same box. If it's outside 90 days but within the 1 year warranty, it might be cheaper to just take it to an Apple store and exchange it for a new one, or the same might apply.

    The above assumes you did not purchase Apple care. If you did, then the first option above applies for the life of the Applecare warranty.

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