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Thread: Why does it force me to stream from iTunes?

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    Why does it force me to stream from iTunes?
    I have a first gen AppleTV. I bought it primarily to use for storing lossless audio and playing it through the stereo... simple stuff.

    The hard drive in the Apple TV is larger than the hard drive on my Mac, and the Mac's is also used for non-music files, so for obvious reasons I would prefer to just keep the music stored on the AppleTV.

    But if I want to play the local file from the AppleTV, I either have to use the TV itself or use Remote (which no longer works since my iPhone won't connect to the network anymore... that's another topic, though). I sit at my desk and have iTunes open all the time, and it lets me see all the music I have stored on the AppleTV, but it won't let me click it to play it. This is extremely annoying.

    Yes, I can (and do) stream, but there's more music on the AppleTV than on my local drive. This is my music, ripped from my discs, added to the AppleTV and synced via iTunes, so it's not as if I'm doing something illicit here. Why won't it let me just click to play the files on the AppleTV from iTunes? This doesn't make any sense.

    Is there a way to hack this? I just want desktop access to all my music instead of whatever fits on my smallish hard drive.

    Eventually I was hoping to mod the AppleTV to take my 2TB external drive too. And maybe someday I'll get Autonomic Controls' software that lets me integrate it into a Crestron app that I run as a widget on my laptop, eliminating the need for iTunes... but for the forseeable future, I use iTunes and really wish I could just play the local files without having to use Remote or turn on the TV. Any ideas?



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    I too always thought that was odd. Happily I decided the ATV 1 was kind of a POS as implemented (good idea, bad execution) and ended up with an ATV 2 which works significantly better. No storage though, sucks for you.

    Sadly it seems you are more or less stuck with what you have. Or you could buy a large external HDD for a reasonable price (probably less than an ATV 2), and just use that.

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