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    Oct 24, 2010
    Apple TV or Blu-Ray w/wireless
    I'm looking for a vehicle to accomplish two things:

    1) Stream netflix to my TV
    2) Stream pictures/music from my MCP to my TV/Stereo

    The Apple TV is obviously one option that I knows will allow me to do both. Given that I don't play on renting movies through Itunes, I've considered other ways to accomplish 1 + 2.

    For about the same price, I've considered purchasing a blue ray DVD that is wireless ready. From what I understand, this will allow me to stream netflix and add the option for me to play blu-ray movies.

    My questions:

    1) Will a wireless ready blue ray allow me to stream my pictures (slideshow)/music from my MCP to my TV/Stereo?

    2) Given my needs expressed above, any opinions from anyone regarding the Apple TV / Blu-Ray Wireless

    Thanks again.

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    What is a MCP?

    1. You'll need to check on the capabilities of the individual machine. Best way to do that is going to be heading for the manufacturers site of the B-R you want, download and read the owner's manual.
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    Whoops...sorry, meant to say MBP. (trying to type way too fast)

    I'm in the market for a Blu-Ray w/ wi-fi and am not married to any brand. From what I understand, some manufacturer's aren't Mac friendly.

    Anyone have success in streaming netflix with a Mac through a wi-fi blu-ray? If so, have you tried steaming photos/music?


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    Significantly more expensive, but you can accomplish your goals with a Playstation 3.

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    The resoloution isn't outstanding but you can do both of those with a Wii.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Razormac View Post
    The resoloution isn't outstanding but you can do both of those with a Wii.
    I am not a fan of wii transfer having to convert videos before playing them.
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    I have found that movies I will only watch one time I rent on ATV and those which will get
    many viewings I buy in Blu-Ray nothing beats the picture and sound quality on those.

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    ATV2 is $99.

    You can watch Netflix, You can search your Mobile Me Albums, you can watch previews of movies, you can watch YouTube, etc and etc.

    I do not think you can go wrong with the ATV2 and being $99 it is pretty cheap too.

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