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    Smile Apple TV Airplay with multiple devices.
    Hello! So I just received an Apple TV. Between me and my roommates there are 2 iphones, an itouch, and an ipad in my house. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to easily change which device is streaming with the apple tv on airplay? As of now i've just been shutting the device's off and putting my iphone on first so it will be connected, is there an easier way to switch between devices?

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    I have 2 iPod Touches and MBP linked to my ATV2.

    All devices are linked to the iTunes Acct on my MBP. I just stream what i need from any of those devices to my ATV2. . . . Really not sure what your problem is......

    All those devices linked to your Acct to be able to do it ?? Just throwing it out there until have more info from you ...

    And ohhhh Welcome to M-F and Happy New Year from Down Under
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