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Thread: Netflix

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    Quote Originally Posted by iLars View Post
    OK, but the ATV is not on a wireless connection(1.5m cable). And the Asus RT-N16(DD-WRT) was working just fine for a month until recently.

    It seems the loading "times out" earlier now than on earlier firmware... :/
    I'm still going to say it's your internet speed that's the problem, it's barely enough for streaming if you're lucky. It's actually slower than 3G wireless and that barely works with Netflix and Hulu.
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    I've noticed extreme pixelation as well at times on my ATV during netflix. I was watching Death to Smoochy last night on it (Great movie by the way) and the more colorfull scenes were extremly blocky but then retuned to normal once the colors retuned to more standard ranges. I can live with it and still love my ATV but it would be nice to see that picture quality improve. I have yet to rent a move from itunes on it so I don't know if it's better or not. have watched a couple youtube videos and haven't noticed the pixelation there.

    I have 10Mbps speeds on average through my Comcast connection and connect my ATV to a Linksys E3000 Wireless N router on the dedicated 5Ghz channel while all my other devices share the seperate 2.4GHz connection (This router has two seperate wireless access points built into it).


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    I'll just follow up to my earlier post... it seems that in my case, the culprit would appear to be the connection between me and Netflix. Everything that I stream from iTunes is fine. In fact, videos I stream from YouTube and MobileMe are excellent as well. Netflix is the only source which pixelates or chops. This seems to occur on the ATV but not on any other devices. It doesn't happen every time either - maybe 50% of the time. It's not enough to make me too angry, but I certainly hope Netflix streaming improves.
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    for me it will play anything in SD, which is hardly anything... HD is the culprit and there is no way to turn HD off that I know of... When playing a SD video it will play automatically... But HD it just spins and spins and then eventually kicks me back to the selection screen..

    One would think that If i click on a HD video it would see that my connection isnt capable of playing HD and switch to SD automatically...

    C'mon netflix FIX THIS!!!! or is it a APPLE PROBLEM???

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    Everyone needs to realize this is all still a relatively new technology. How about responding to the email they send out with practically every 2nd or 3rd movie you watch and let them know about your issues. Netflix seems to be pretty committed to streaming content. They are still very much into the mode of accepting feedback and seem to be continually tweaking their system.


    On the Netflix page, head for:
    Your Account & Help
    then under Instant Watching Activity hit the 'Report a Problem' button

    Provide them with the issue, the device you were using, rated download speed of your internet connection and if on a computer, give them the Operating System, CPU and GPU.

    Have to say, I have not experienced any issues here at the house on any of the following equipment in at least a year with Netflix streaming: iPhone 3GS, iPad, my 4 yr old MBP, Win 7 HTPC, Roku, and PS3 (don't have the ATV). I pay for a 7 mbps internet connection which tests out at 20-30 mbps on occasion.

    I also watch Hulu plus, iTunes, Amazon Unbox, CinemaNow and Vudu. Pretty much without issue across the board on the devices where any of these services are available.
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