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    Handling my apple remote with the ATV and MacbookPro
    How can I use my remote control with my MacbookPro and not affecting my ATV and viceversa if I'm in the same room?. What I mean is everytime I use the remote with my Macbook pro my ATV turns on, the same when I use it with my ATV.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hi there Fam and welcome to the forums .......

    What i have found the (easiest) for me to do is when using the remote on the ATV2 i put a little something over the IR Remote sensor on my MBP and happily use the ATV2.

    It doesnt bother me doing the the other way as when im using the Remote for the MBP my ATV2 is on the HDMI channel that i chose to put it on and i can never see it being on. I have it on sleep after a Hr so im not worried about the power it uses.

    Or the other solution is (if you have a iPhone or iPod Touch) is to get the Apple from the iTunes Store and use this for the ATV2, which wont effect the MBP.

    SO there are a cpl of solutions but if you dont want to see that tiny light on the ATV2 when you use the Remote with the MBP, best bet is to put something in the way of the Sensor or to hide it ......

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    I figured out the problem with the MBP, you just have to disable the infrared receptor in the security settings, and i found that if I don't point my remote in the direction of the ATV2 it doesn't turn on

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    You can pair the remote specifically to the device on the ATV2.
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    I have iMac, Macbook Pro and Apple TV in same room. As the remotes for the iMac and Macbook are "paired" to the devices the computers are not affected by the Apple TV remote.

    PS. I use a Logitech programmable remote for the AV system and that controls Apple TV perfectly.
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