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    what's wrong with airplay
    I wrote a similar thread in the iOS board, but it dropped like a rock

    The concept is great, I particularly like the fact that it also streams the AUDIO portion of videos to whatever speaker you want, whether or not a display is connected, but I have a few problems with it as it stands now.

    1. It's a battery vampire. I kind of expected this, but I didn't think it would suck my battery dry in 2 hours or less.

    2. It can only stream to one device at a time. I can only assume this will be fixed in updates, as the remote app and itunes can stream to multiple devices.

    3. Where are all the 3rd party airplay speakers? It's cyber Monday and there's nary a product to be found. As it is, we're still stuck with either the apple tv or airport express. I don't really mind, because I have both, and it may be cheaper to buy an express if you have some good computer speakers lying around like I did.

    4. Closely related to 3, What a poor and confusing name choice! In searching for real airplay speakers, I found at least 2 ipod related products using the name "airplay" both predating apple's rebranding of airtunes. One was a Sony ipod dock using sony's proprietary wireless streaming technology. You had to have the ipod/iphone physically docked and control it with a remote. The other was an FM tuner.

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    There was an update available today.

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