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Thread: Cant watch my vids unless itunes is open?

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    Cant watch my vids unless itunes is open?
    My new Apple TV works great for everything but getting info from my own iMac. When I scroll to "computer" to watch my own videos or review pictures residing on my Mac the screen says ..... turn on Sharing. I have done this and the only time I can stream pics and vids to my Apple TV is when I physically have itunes open on my Mac. Surely this does not have to be the case. Do I really have to run downstairs turn on my Mac then run back up to watch vids and pics residing on my iMac. HELP!!!!!

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    Sep 10, 2008
    I have also selected "wake for network access" and it still doesn't help

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    Sep 10, 2008
    And .... it seems the only way to be able to access my Library is to have iTunes open. Can anyone tell me if this is the case with everyone else. On my original AppleTV I didnt think I had to open iTunes first before being able to access my Library!?

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    Yes, it is. The content is streamed from your iTunes library, it's designed to be that way. iTunes is the conduit that access the media on the drive(s) and streams it to the ATV. My Mac is on and iTunes is always open so I never have this issue.

    On the original ATV you could copy content to the internal ATV HDD and watch it from there. The ATV 2 has no internal storage so it all streams. No iTunes, no content.

    Frankly, it sounds like you should have done some research before purchasing an ATV 2. This is neither a big deal or a surprise, it is as designed.

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    I don't have an ATV, but I do use HomeSharing with my Win7 machine and iTunes is open (and minimized) if my Mac is turned on. It's not a hog on CPU cycles or memory if it's not doing anything. Shouldn't be a problem leaving iTunes open all the time. No reason to run back downstairs, if it's never closed.
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    the ATV 2 has to have several Gb's of flash memory. At least to cache.

    But, yeah. Just leave iTunes going. Right click the iTunes icon, set to "Open at Login".

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    Yep iTunes does have to be open, it's not like iTunes is actually playing anything so it's not using a big amount of CPU time.

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