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    Angry Atv2: "pinwheel of death" on turn on home sharing
    Traveling. ATV2 worked before; now it doesn't. It apparently won't "home share" or at least is "stuck" trying to do so ("Pinwheel of death" for over 8 hours). I've done the easy T/S tips from the Apple website (correct iTunes version; turned iTunes home share off and back on; rebooted both; verified firewall was "off").
    Additionally, here's what I've done:
    1) Removed Symantec for Mac virus protection totally from the computer; it's gone. ATV2 worked before with Symantec; but, I'm desperate.
    2) Manually configured ATV's IP (which was to match the AirPort IP (which is Now they're both - even after a reboot.

    The ONLY difference between when it worked and now: no Time Capsule; packed it up and shipped it home. This shouldn't make a difference.

    Somebody mentioned Mac's "remembering" firewall settings and to remove these settings using "terminal" but I couldn't follow that and forgot where I read it.

    Any help would be much obliged. Aloha, Craig

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    Not sure if I experienced the exact same problem as you but yesterday iTunes crashed every time I tried to turn on home sharing for my gf. It froze around 5 times and I had to force quit iTunes. In the end I just left it spinning for around 5 mins and it sorted itself out. I put it down to the fact it was trying to load around 11,000 songs which I have.

    Hope this helps.

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    It's been spinning for two days...thanks anyway.

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    Traveling? Staying in a hotel? My experience with ATV 2 is that it needs to connect to the web and to your iTunes acct before home sharing will work. Now, the box may be online but the ports required for it to connect MAY be blocked by your hotel. I recently had this issue and ended up retuning the ATV 2 and buying another when I got home. Even if the ATV 2 is online via your Mac or directly thru the hotel, if the port are blocked by the hotels service it's either going to fail or hang.

    By Aloha, I assume you are in Hawaii. If you are staying in a Marriott property there they DO block the ports required by ATV, they all use the same provider in the islands. Nothing you can do. Go to the Apple help page for ATV 2 and look up the ports in question. You can call the hotels provider and ask them to open the ports but doing so may be a violation of their terms of service and they may just cut you off all together. Good Luck.

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