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    itv and mobileme
    I got my itv last week and i love it , every single fonction is
    working fine except mobileme , i do have an account but i am still
    on the trial period , my itv keep telling me that my account isn't
    valid when i try to connect . is somebody out there had a similar
    problem ?

    thank you !

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    I have a free trial with MobileMe and had no problem connecting. Are you sure you have your user name and password correct.

    May be a upper/lower case problem for example. I had a problem recently connecting my iPod to a regularly used Wi Fi Hotspot, then realised my iPod was defaulting to upper case for the first letter every time I connected. A change to lower case solved it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baggss View Post
    Seriously, that's worse than "iTouch".

    And given the fact the forum is titled "Apple TV", I fail to understand how anyone would think the thing is called "iTV" but still post in the right place?
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    Sorry, you're having trouble receiving a UK channel on MobileMe???

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