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    Jul 18, 2008
    Streaming HD home movies from Macbook VERY slow
    Now that I have my home sharing problem fixed, one issue remains. Home movies shot in hd that I have made into 720p files take forever to buffer and play. It can take as much as 15 minutes just for a movie to start playing. Weird thing is, I can fast forward a good bit through the movie, but it won't let me play it in real time. HD movies on youtube start playing almost immediately. I can tell you that one typical home movie is about 20 minutes and is a quicktime about 1.2 gigs in size. Even when there's enough of the white load bar showing that would typically allow a video like this to start playing, it won't. From iMovie I tried both exporting as a large file (instead of hd) and also choosing the encoded setting that makes it specifically for Apple tv use. Both didn't stream or buffer any better. Ideas?

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    You need to update your router. It worked great for me:

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    Jul 18, 2008
    I did. Still don't know what the answer is. Are there any router settings I need to be aware of?

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    I have the same problem but with any iTunes Library content.

    My router is an airport. I tried updating it to 7.5.1 but it still is very slow.

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    How old is that airport? Is it 802.11n?

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    No problems here, Network is running on a AirPort Extreme, And My iMac isn't exactly a power house: iMAC 20" with 2 gig PPC Processor. No issues streaming large moves, they play in seconds.

    I think the biggest factor is the Speed of the Network, had issues when running my DLink Router. AirPort Extreme (however costly it my be) has solved all my issues

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