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    Streaming video
    I'm sorry, I know versions of this have been asked before but I still can't understand if the Apple TV would be useful to me. I'd like to be able to find streaming video on the internet (hulu, netflix, tvduck, whatever - I don't know if they're in different formats, or if streaming is the same format) that is NOT saved to my computer, and have a wireless box mirror my desktop to my TV. Basically, I want to wirelessly watch shows from my browser on my TV. Is this what Apple TV does? If not, are there any Mac-compatible products like this that can wirelessly play whatever my Mac plays on the TV?

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    That's not what Apple TV does, sorry. It is it's own Netflix/Yahoo client and won't interact with or redisplay you OSX desktop. There is no hulu solution for ATV yet. It does use home sharing to stream your iTunes library content to your TV, and in November there will be some neat tricks to stream content from your handheld iOS to your TV.

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