I bought the HD version of a TopGear show on my AppleTv. Last night it started to download with no problems. When I started up my Macbook today I noticed that it was downloading the same program again - along with the standard def version. Oh well, I thought, and let it do its thing. This afternoon I saw that the HD version doesn't appear on either Macbook or AppleTV, even in the "bought on AppleTV" playlist.

When I click on "available downloads" nothing shows up, and when I click on "buy" to buy it again, on both machines it tells me I have already bought this item. Anybody have a clue as to what I'm doing wrong and why I "lost" this episode? The std def version is still there. Thanks

Interestingly enough, my std def and HD episodes of Sons of Anarchy are still showing up. So it must be user error on this one download, help please.