This might be drawn out but please bare with me...I can't think of any way to be more succinct.

I have a 160 GB AppleTV (with ATV Flash patch) which I believe is pooched beyond repair and out of warranty. I found that my ATV was displaying a yellow status light and got no further response from the unit. Attempting to restore the unit yielded no response. Reading around the web led me to believe that it was a hardware failure. Further homework led me to believe that the only real fixable hardware issue was a hard drive replacement. I removed the drive from the unit and attempted to determine if the drive was dead. Once I attached it to a computer with a drive cable I was able to view the 'Media' partition on the drive. At this point I was convinced that the drive was still good and that something on the main board died and that my unit was a lost cause. However, through disk utility I was able to see that there was also an 'OSBoot' partition which failed to mount. It is on this partition where the ATV Flash patch allows you to FTP files to. Attempting to mount this partition manually gave me an error. I attempted to repair the disk but this failed. It was recommended to me to try using DiskWarrior to repair the partition and then attempt to extract the data that I had FTP'd to it which I finally got to do this past weekend. I attempted to run a disk repair via DiskWarrior this past weekend however after more than 24 hours I had to stop it as I had to return the IDE cable. DiskWarrior probably got about through 40% of the drive but it stated that the performance was reduced as a result of a drive malfunction.

This is where I am now.

If it is in fact an issue with the drive I can easily replace it..but I am not yet convinced its the drive. If its an issue with the main board, I can't seem to find a source for AppleTV parts.

Can anyone here provide me some insight or have I possibly overlooked something?