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Thread: Does Apple TV store media on hard drive?

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    Does Apple TV store media on hard drive?
    This might be a stupid question, but I bought Apple TV about a year ago and highly recommend it. I use it in my basement entertainment center and initially used the wireless connection to connect to my Itunes, download movies, etc. I was unhappy with how long it took to download movies via the wireless connection, so I put in the effort to hard wire it via the ethernet cable to my computer, which is on an upper level of my house. Last week my computer had a fatal crash (I am now buying an IMac), but I was surprised that I could still use the Apple TV to listen to my music. I had assumed the Apple TV needed a "host" computer that was running Itunes to operate, but it apparently doesn't. My question is - Does this mean once the Apple TV syncs with the host computer it stores all media (songs, pics, etc.) on the hard drive?

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    Unless you tell it not to, the ATV will sync your content from your iTunes library and copy it to the HDD.

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