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    Anyone know anything about the 2wire Mediapoint?
    I've been looking for a good, hassle free way to stream my movies from my iMac to my living room without spending a lot. So far I'm all but settled on an Apple TV, which is at the very top of what I'm willing to pay, but I'm still not 100% sold. And now along comes this Mediapoint thing that looks like it might be on par with Apple TV for less than half the price, plus 25 streamed movies from Blockbuster Online (which I have anyway). My 360 won't play my predominantly h264 collection and the interface isn't very good anyway.

    From the little bit I've been able to dig up, it'll play h264 movies, uPnP and DLNA sources, and has HDMI and component out. My preference is to just use my iTunes to stream but if I had to I could set up another uPnP server or even just share my media. I've also considered the Popcorn time (but it looks like it can be a hassle sometimes) and an HTPC, which I'm not interested in at all. Anyone know anything else about this device or have any other input?

    Edit: I also see Netflix has a box that does the same, but it looks like it doesn't play h264..?

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    2Wire = makers of crapola.

    I'd suggest a refurb AppleTV.

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