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    .mac now offers 50 MB of free storage space!
    I don't know if there's already a topic about this, but I don't believe so.

    What Hotmail promised to do back in July (but STILL hasn't got around to doing) has now been done by .mac. And that is of course, to offer 250 MB of free storage space! That's 2.5 times as much as the Yahoo account! Well, actually, only full members of .mac get 250 MB of storage. Members that aren't considered "full members" only get 50 MB, but that's still 25 times as much space as Hotmail! Plus, for extra money, you can get 1 GB of space, which is as much as Gmail (and the good thing is that it's not exclusive like Gmail is). However, a big disadvantage to Gmail is, besides costing money (and quite a pretty penny too), you can only send messages up to 10 MB in size with .mac, as opposed to 20 MB with Gmail. Still, this is a huge improvement. I'm sure .mac members here must be pretty pleased about this.

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    I got my 250MB of Hotmail space months ago. July sound about right. (I've had a Hotmail account since before it was "MSN Hotmail" and these days, I just use it when I need to "register" for some site.)

    When you say "free," are you talking about the 60-day trial?

    As far as Gmail vs. .Mac, you get some neat stuff with .Mac, too...web space, iDisk, slide publishing, and some free software.

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    Am I talking about the 60-day trial? Yes, actually. That and the accounts for people who are already registered members.

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    Well then it's not really free is it?

    Free for 60 days, isn't quite the same as free outright. (like Gmail will eventually be)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aptmunich
    Well then it's not really free is it?

    Free for 60 days, isn't quite the same as free outright. (like Gmail will eventually be)
    Gmail IS free outright right now, as long as you get an invitation. Personally, whenever I send an invitation to someone, the number of invitations I can send usually goes right back to where it was within a day or two. I have five or six right now. It is not really hard to get a Gmail account right now. I am not paying for it, and I get 1GB of space, and 10 MB file transfers.

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