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Gamer 08-27-2004 04:04 PM

You want to see the iMac G5 here it is!!

rman 08-27-2004 04:28 PM

That is more of what I envisioned.

rman 08-27-2004 04:29 PM

So I wonder how real that is?

ChicoWeb 08-27-2004 04:35 PM

Hrm, Doesn't look 1337 enough to me. Funny story behind it as well. :) Cool if it is.

rman 08-27-2004 04:47 PM

What is 1337 enough mean ? :confused:

witeshark 08-27-2004 05:11 PM

l337 means leet as in elite. It's hacker slang and pretty meaningless. Neat pics though! :)

Padawan 08-27-2004 05:32 PM

Sorry, but I have to do it...

First, if there was enough time to snap that many photos, why are none of them from different angles that would yield a more detailed view? Why doesn't the foam look like it conforms to the shape of the machine? Why would they ship it face-down? Where are all of the documents, disks, wires, keyboard, mouse, etc. that would have been on top of of the machine in the box? Why isn't the word "iMac" visible on the front? Why is it that odd shade of plastic grey? Why is it so "square"? Why do the Power Mac's need multiple fans inside a large case to cool the G5 inside, yet this AIO machine is only about 3 inches thick?

Who knows - maybe it'll turn out that I'm wrong, but it definitely doesn't look right to me.

Gamer 08-27-2004 05:38 PM

Maybe it is just the new screen for this new iMac? Because I'm with you it's to thin, but maybe just maybe!

octohunter 08-27-2004 06:20 PM

I agree with Padawan. There was far too much time spent here. Why cuoldn't they show us more? In fact, most of us could spend a few minutes on photoshop and make anything look like the next imac.

Slammin_SoSo 08-27-2004 07:04 PM

I think maybe its just a screen for the new G5 Imac. I have a feeling they will probably mock the G5 powermac they currently have and will just create it with half the power the powermac has.. I have that feeling. It will probably not be attached as all in one but like the (little sister) of the powermac G5.. I guess we shall see..

cory 08-27-2004 07:25 PM

hmm yea not sure what that could be...does kinda seem an odd situation. Would take a long elevator ride to open the box take pictures and repackage it..anway does anyone know the best way to get info on converage on the Paris show on Tuesday?

PinkPhishDoors 08-28-2004 12:28 AM

I'm guessing that it isn't the screen for the iMac(much to thick) but MAY be the real thing... They may be using a very unique cooling system. I don't remember what it was... but aren't the apple boxes wrapped it plastic?( i don't remember what mine was in).

PinkPhishDoors 08-28-2004 04:44 AM

Wait, i beilive that the question about facing it down, and that the foam doesn't fit are solved... The iMac faces upward in the box, and the foam flips aroundso that the part you see doesn't touch the screens. :) call me Watson(the program)

iSheep 08-28-2004 06:37 AM

The whole idea behind an iMac is that it's all in one with a small footprint - Apple would never build an iMac that has the monitor and base unit seperate.

I find this a bit to fishy. No keyboard, mouse etc. The grey looks wrong. This one's going to sound silly, but the Apple logo at the top is squashed - Apple have never done this.

I too, agree with Padawan.

PinkPhishDoors 08-28-2004 09:25 AM

It didn't state where they were being shipped either. If they are in fact genuine imacs then they were probably shipping them out to the stores... Which is a good sign. Because that means they will sell immediatly after apple anounces them. Also Jobs is NOT announcing them( but he is supposed to maybe be back in mid Sep. so they should be releasing them before the 15th.

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