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Thread: Apple Store Online gets facelift

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    Jan 18, 2006
    Apple Store Online gets facelift
    Check it out here:

    I really like the new look, especially the sidebars. It seems much easier to read and navigate now.

    via MacNN

    Apple has overhauled its online store new "Shop" categories, accessory subcategories, a "Popular Accessories" section, and a new "Staff Picks" area. New "Shop" categories which include "Shop Mac," "Shop iPod," and "Shop iPhone" aim to ease the process of browsing as well as purchasing hardware and software products from the Cupertino-based company's online store. The revised Apple Store Online features "Mac Accessories," "Mac Software," "iPod Accessories," and "iPhone Accessories" sections to help shoppers find the right extras for their Apple purchases. The new "Staff Picks" area lists all of Apple's own favorite products ranging from its iPhone Bluetooth Headset to its 30-inch Cinema Display and its iWork '08 software suite. The company now also lists top sellers in Mac, iPod, and iPhone categories listed by sales rank, with current chart toppers listed as its MacBook, iPod nano, and iPhone.
    Mac Sites - down for reconstruction

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    Im not sure i like the blue though.......Kinda a random color

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nabooly View Post
    Im not sure i like the blue though.......Kinda a random color
    It's been used in the iTunes store for some time, so not really.
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    I like it. I get three empty spaces in the middle that BFilter might be blocking. I prefer it to the old one, the line spacing of menus is better and easier to read.
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    not too sure why but it reminds me of Facebook quite a lot!

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    It looks much better on 10.5 than on 10.4.

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    Sep 17, 2007
    Looks basically the same, albeit a bit cleaner.
    I'm not a frequent shopper of the online store, but I applaud their interface designers.

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    hmmm so why are they offline tonight?

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    Oct 03, 2007
    Now I actually know how to get to the ed store...I never knew how to get to it. it was probably something simple..but yea, the navigation is MUCH better.

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