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    powerbook question
    do you guys have any idea if any new powerbook hardware will be available after wwdc? is it worth the wait, i really cant wait to get my notebook...

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    What are your intended uses for it?

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    Hopefully not a Paper weight or Door stop? Right?

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    im a soon to be college freshmen, double major computer science / biology. i plan on using the powerbook to program mostly, but i plan on playing some games if time allows.

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    you mideswell go ahead and get your powerbook..they just release the new 1.5ghz model just a couple months ago (2 i think) so its going to be a bit before another with the new launch of the imac and emac models its defintly probably going to be a while. i think the powerbooks will be left aside for a bit until the have the g5 processor ready to go in...these books are already lightning fast with a g4 why push it more

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