Oh when, oh when will iTunes Music Store be available in Canada?

I heard July. The new iPods (which the USA is currently enjoying) isn't yet available in Canada, but I heard that it should hit stores in July (this comes from a guy who works on London Drugs). So, maybe this is when iTunes will appear in Canada?

Who knows.

In Canada we have Puretracks, and it purely sucks.

Puretracks doesn't allow Mac users to download music, or even enter their site. Several phone companies (Telus and Bell) are offering 99 music downloads -- but alas, they are going through Puretracks. Barred again!

Reportedly, Napster is thinking about coming to Canada and the UK soon, but they are worried because file sharing is still legal in the two countries. They are expected to come out soon, anyway.

Future shop has announced that they'll open up an online music store on June 12th, offering 99 downloads, too.

So, apple, apple, apple -- you better get on the ball here.

But in the mean time -- what options are there for Mac users in Canada? Puretracks isn't an option, unless you use a PC with windows -- or if you use virtual PC on the mac. I don't know if you can only play the songs in windows, or if you can play it from the shared folder.

The Puretracks site blames the problem on Windows Media Player for Mac, saying that it ignores the file restrictions put on the music. iTunes, i don't know what it does with the wma's ... the new iTunes can convert wma's to acc. That's all I know.

So, what should Mac-Canadian's do. Play with limes and copper wire?

I suppose so, I suppose so ...