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    MBP Applecare from US ok to use in Canada?
    Hey everyone,

    I am thinking of purchasing Applecare for my 2 month old MBP, and I am thinking of getting it on eBay, because I'd save almost half of the retail price.
    Caveats aside, if I purchase it from a seller in the US, to register on my MBP bought in Canada, will this be ok? Or do I have to purchase it from a seller in Canada? I've seen the retail boxes for AC in a couple stores here and didn't see anything to indicate that a box bought here would be for Canada only, so was just wondering if anyone could confirm before I do that. Thanks!

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    I bought my mac in Tokyo and I am from the UK. I asked this at purchase and they said Applecare is worldwide. But buying it off eBay I just dont know, better to be save than sorry.

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