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    Did you hear! They showed 10.4 Tigher at WMDC! So happy i have been waiting for a day like this to come. Good thing I didn't buy Panther like I was going to do today. Im going to wait for Tiger. What do you guys think of it. Also, anyone have any pictures?

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    Yes! As A Matter Of Fact I Made A Thread About It Already!

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    Yeah it's all the rage around here go figure but remember 10.3.3 is kickin' nice IMO

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    sometimes i wonder... apple keeps pumping out OS's every half a year or so... what could they possibly justify us paying another $80 or so for? (i dont know the actual price.. my university and apple have a mac users just walk on up, sign their name, and get handed a shiny new OS) lol

    they need a native emulator that will run pc games in my opinion lol

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    Yeah, this is getting pretty ridiculous. Having to update every 6 months to a year is asking too much, even if it's the bomb. Just work on it longer and make it an A-bomb when it finally releases. Plus the fact that it's usually not recommended to simply "update" the OS, but completely format and reinstall a new one. Meaning we have to save and then reload all our files.

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    Theres already a thread in the OS Category
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