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Thread: Connecting to a Win2K3 fileserver

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    Aug 11, 2006
    heres how i did it:

    on the windows 2003 machine =
    control panel > admin tools > local security policy > set ACCOUNTS: LIMIT LOCAL ACCOUNT.......DISABLE

    then you should be able to get onto the folder assuming the folder has been set to shared w/ the correct account w/o pw.

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    Lightbulb Problems with DHCP server on MS Windows Server 2003
    I've got serious problem. I've tried to make reservation in DHCP server on IP address by my MAC address. The problem is, that the operation has probably failed and now my MAC address is blocked in DHCP server. There is nothing about my PC and reservation on DHCP lists. When I try to make new reservation an information appears “The address in unavailable”.
    Please help because I can’t use DHCP on my PC

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    Connect MAC O/S X to Windows 2003 Domain
    Hi there,

    Can you email me the instruction how how to connect my MAC O/S x to the windows 2003 server as you posted please? I had a home directory on the domain server and I can connect through Windows XP fine. I installed the MAC protocol on the server but still doesn't work. I am new with MAC so if you can help me on this, I really appreciate it. Thanks.


    Quote Originally Posted by rudi View Post
    I have connected my Apple Mac G4 Powerbook to Windows Server 2003, It is not connected through samba, you dont need to reduce your password to 6 alpha or numerics.

    Anyone wanting to connect to Server 2003 contact me, its too complicated to write on here, it conects just like you would on a PC, i can access all my users files as a administrator and copy them to my Mac, you dont connect via smb or the with the usual box, when I connect i get a Box with the microsoft logo and enter my usual name and password and bingo I am in.

    I will help anyone with theis problem as I found Apple support totally un helpful in this area as I also did microsoft.

    It really dose work!!!!! i have also synced Microsoft Entourage to my server as well no probs

    You need to download from the Microsoft website UAM Enabiler and install it on your Mac

    Rudi Dobson

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    Hi Rudy,

    I had the same problem on my end: connecting MAC O/S x to Windows 2003 domain. Can you help me with this? Please email me at Thanks.


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    Wrong domain
    Ok here is my problem. I can see the network like everyone else. and I can't access the windows 2k3 server like everyone else. but when i get onto my server i am able to access the ibook from the workgroup domain. how do i change the domain that the ibook is on?

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    Jan 09, 2007
    I hvae a new Mac Book with SBS 2003 server in the corner of the room and can not map drives or folgers like I would with microsoft. I would appreciate some answers

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    Jan 09, 2007
    i have a new MacBook and wish to connect to an SBS server

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