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    Pirates of Silicon Valley
    Now this is in reference to a movie (Pirates of Silicon Valley); however, the question I have isn't exactly. So I thought this would be the best place for it.

    At the end of this movie, it says a few things that bugged me.

    1) it says that Steve Jobs was fired by John Sculley. I always read and heard that he just left....this one isn't the one that really bugged me...cause either way on this one, it doesn't matter. Jobs is back because apple wasn't able to cut it without him

    2) It says that Microsoft owns part of Apple Computers. Now when it says that, I'm dumbfounded a bit. Is this true?...or was it true for a time?...Because I am fairly sure that they don't own anything in apple at this time. Maybe they meant the part of apple they stole...that doens't reallly mean they own anything, they just stole it.

    Just a few things that popped in my head, and thought I'd ask some of you MacAddicts out there....I'm sure someone can answer these least partcially. Thanks

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    I'm pretty damn sure microshaft owns none of Apple now. And I think you're right that Steve Jobs left Apple back then glad that he's back! And also, the GUI idea originated from both him and that gates dude looking at a Xerox machine that was deemed unlikely yo ever sell. So when Apple first complained about doz using GUI -- gates was quoted as saying something like "no we are just using the same TV you later came in and picked up" --pretty funny... but all history now Mac in the personal computer environment as I see it now is a whole new world!

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    microsoft, at one point, owned 150 million dollars of apple, when apple wasnt doing so well, they baught it to keep apple from coming close to going under i believe.

    this big chunk that microsoft did own, was enough to make a deal with apple. the deal was that with every mac that shipped, Internet Explorer would be the default navigator on their OS (whatever it happened to be at the time.. 8 or 9 or somehting)

    **edit** found out apple baught their shares back from microsoft in 97 when something happened with windows 95 and os7...i guess they got mad, and took it all back

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    Hmmm...That Steve Jobs better buy out Microsoft then...though...I'm not feeling the hand of microsoft as of as long as I don't..I'm ok...and as long as there is Steve Jobs, we won't feel microsoft, cause Jobs is pretty a good least for us.

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    Is this Silicon Valley a new movie?

    And yes, Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, this guy was hired by steve from Pepsi and some time later the guy reported to the board of director that having Steve in the company was causing apple to go down, there was a computer launch failure also (Amiga II or something like that)

    The Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center is the place where the next conceps were invented:
    Object oriented programing
    The 1st Personal Computer
    WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) printing stuff
    and some more

    At that time Xerox's executives couldn't believe that the future companies could have such paperless enviroment since their bussiness was paper copiers, so they left down all this inventions, at that time the Director of the center filtered all the concepts to Steve, Bill and more people who launched them in their companies or started new companies

    Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have admited that all the Personal Computer plus the Operation System market could have been owned by Xerox if they had gone ahead with what their Engineers had developed

    I learned all this stuff in a 3 hours documental that I don't remember the name, but it really is a good source of information
    Invention of the PC by IBM
    IBM getting MSDOS from Bill Gates
    Clonning of the PC buy other companies
    Everyone buying their OS to Bill Gates
    Also beginning of Apple
    How Steve Jobs was fired
    And more thing about this industry in Sillicon Valley

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    Quote Originally Posted by alejandrico
    Is this Silicon Valley a new movie?
    nopes its been out since was a made for tv movie....great movie i loved it
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    yeah, it's not the greatest directing, or acting..but it is entertaining...and quite fun to watch.

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    Did anyone think that Jobs was sort of an *donkey*....I mean he worked his workers to the max at first, and he was a multi-millionaire while his daughter and *whatever* lived in a shanty old house...

    I know that he later become family with Lisa and he is now nice to his workers, but he was a real jerk back then....or was that just the movie, (they of course dramtized it)


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    He's an eggcintric (spelling?). I don't neccesarily know that he is nice to his workers now. He has always been pretty strange, and out there, but that's what makes him such a good inovator. He knows how to make people think, and create. And he himself can think and create. He seems fairly nice on the keynotes, but I get this vibe that he is still very strict, and aggressive, and wants it his way. And I can't would be dead right now if it wasn't for him.

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