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    Apple Computer Inc. informed MacCentral by special invitation Monday morning of an event the company will hold in San Francisco on Monday, April 28, 2003. While the invitation was not specific on exactly what the company would announce at the event, it did narrow down the possibilities.

    The invitation says that Apple will have "announcements that will be music to your ears." Apple has several music products, but speculation over the past couple of weeks has focused on three things: a new iPod; a buyout by Apple of Universal Music; and a new music service by Apple.

    News of Apple's interest in Universal Music Group first broke on April 11 with speculation that the company would make a $5 billion to $6 billion bid for the music business by the end of April. Apple was supposedly making the bid to fuel the company's as yet unannounced music service, which makes downloading and purchasing music as simple and non-technical as buying a book from, according to people that have used the service.

    The confirmation and subsequent retraction by Vivendi Director Claude Bebear, who reportedly said that Apple "will probably make an offer" for Universal Music Group, prompted Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, to issue a statement last week.

    "Apple has never made any offer to invest in or acquire a major music company," said Jobs in the statement. "The press statements this morning attributed to Vivendi board member Claude Bebear are untrue, as Mr. Bebear has confirmed in a later report. Beyond these comments, we will abide by Apple's policy of not commenting on rumors."

    Of course, the iPod MP3 player would be a big part of any Apple branded music service if Apple decided to launch it. For now, we will have to wait until April 28 to see what Apple will unveil.

    Apple has released several products during special events in recent years including the iPod, iBook and the company's rackmount server, the Xserve.
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    Hey cool deal. Its nice to hear.

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    My guess would be a new iPod and the Music service. I don't think they need to own Universal Music.
    Just to be able to have access to their Music library.
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